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August 17, 2017

ISLA announces IFLA International Workshop, 5-7 October 2017, Delhi

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Source: ISLA announces IFLA International Workshop, 5-7 October 2017, Delhi


June 23, 2010

RajLibrarian clips on a Wednesday

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1.Of late India is debating on Honour Killings ….. many of the debates lack substance, basis and logic. Those who are still preparing themselves for debates may read this book. “Honour Killing: Dilemma, Ritual, Understanding Book Description. This book explores the various contexts in which men commit honour killing in Pakistan, and analyses the discourses that deal with it. It undertakes the task of understanding the possible cultural, religious, historical and, increasingly, political reasons that create the dilemma, the exigency for men to kill a female member of their own family. Amir H Jafri has contributed to Honour Killing: Dilemma, Ritual, Understanding as an author. Amir H. Jafri is Assistant Professor of Communication at Davis & Elkins College.Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA.,Author: Amir H Jafri.,Language: English ISBN:.,019547631X ., EAN:9780195476316., No. of Pages: 160.,Publish Date: 2008-05-31.
2. “Being happy is all about realising our self …. because we the supreme bliss. It is our self that dwells in all…….the happiness that appears in the world is in fact just a glimpse of self-bliss.”(Discourse : Lilashahji ., Speaking Tree, Times of India June 23, 2010).

May 3, 2010

Librarians as innovators

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I Am Sure Librarians are Basically Innovators

Hope every librarian agrees with this. Those of the librarian who donot agree to what I say have some serious problem. This need agree to introspect themselves. Here we are …we welcome to get in touch with you even if we have not innovated or we have not recorded our innovations…lets not bother…we can inspired by keeping in touch with the so called innovators. Incidentally some get highlighted in media.We are sure librarians in general are upto date ,current & well informed.We are quite awares of e-kindle,the e-book reader introduced by…we are really not sure of the cost kepted Rs 18000.Here we have Mr.Vishal Mehta a technocrat from Ahmedabad introducing a new e-book costing Rs.9999. Its an innovation of an indian, the product is cheaper , it can hold 500 books & we can access books in indian regional languages also . Cheer up, Be informed know more about this product  & very wonderful indian innovator. to know more about this innovator & innovation read Page No 68 of India Today, April 26, 2010. A write up by Mr.Udaya Mahurkar.
Mr.R.S Devarai and Ms. Kalyani

February 14, 2010

Hello world!

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